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420 Giveaway!

posted 16 Apr 2014 |

420 is just around the corner, and it wouldn't be 420 without a seed-prize giveaway!

So how would you like to get your hands on some Kera seeds? All you have to do is 'like' and 'share' THIS post and we'll pick the winners at random on 4/20 - this Sunday!

Up for grabs we have:

6x Kera - Dwarf Auto 

4x Kera - Critical Auto

Hurry, 420 is just around the corner - 'like' and 'share' today!


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Post for a Prize - Competition

posted 27 Feb 2014 |

Hello folks! We've decided to go mad with the giveaway this time, and we have 40 packs of Dinafem Cheese Auto up for grabs!

Let's cut straight to chase and we'll tell you how you can have a chance at winning one of 10 prizes!

We make 2 kinds of posts on Facebook - humour images, and strain spotlights with links to our site. We just simply want you to post (on Facebook!), and we'll give you a prize.


How does it work?


• Each week we'll chose 2 winners randomly from the posts. One from a humour image and one from a strain spotlight. It's that simple. 

• The winners will be picked each Thursday.

One thing to note! - make sure what you post isn't spam. We can't count your entry if your post is similar to "posting for the competition" or "I want to win". 

So get involved, have fun and we'll give out seeds!

Good luck!

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Want some FREE seeds?

posted 22 Jan 2014 |

We've got 6 Norden Seeds, Auto Viking Tropical to give away for FREE!

All you have to do is enter a simple competition



We're going to be drawing a number from a hat between 1 to 10.

Now you need to post a number also between 1 and 10. Please post on our Facebook post.

Each person with the correct number will be entered into a random draw and the winner will receive these FREE SEEDS!

Super easy, right?


We're only running this for a short time, up until the 15th of February, so enter whilst you can!

Have a great month, fans!


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Christmas Competition Time! Great Prizes!

posted 10 Dec 2013 |

Here at Single Marijuana Seeds Canada, we're in the festive spirit, and we just wanted to give things away. Have we been smoking too much? Nope, we're just feeling particularly generous!

We're going to give-away: 3 packs of World of Seeds, Northern Light x Big Bud Auto; a handy wallet-sized CBD Crew card grinder AND a Vision Seeds grinder.

To make things even better, we've made it easier than ever to enter. As the image says, simply 'like', comment and share this post. And that's it. We'll be picking the winner just after Xmas so you can add it to your other gifts and enjoy them in the first month of the New Year.

Merry Christmas from the entire team at Single Marijuana Seeds Canada!

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Get the Best for Less - Our most popular strains for under $5

posted 15 Mar 2013 |

Strapped for cash but still want the stash? Well guys, we're gonna help you get on your feet by discounting the elite. Yes that's right, now you can afford the best feminised seeds from the world's most reputable seedbanks FOR UNDER FIVE DOLLARS!!!

We've selected some of the most popular strains from Greenhouse, Dutch Passion, Vision, Spliff, and Freedom, and have made them all under five dollars, so you can still enjoy the cream of the crop on a budget. It's just a thanks from Single Marijuana Seeds Canada for your support.

You can check out our extensive offer range of feminised seeds here, just be sure to enter the following code at checkout to get seeds for under five and help revive your bank account:


We also wanted to thank everyone who’s joined our Canadian cannabis community. If you want to like our page to view regular marijuana news updates, funny images from the wild world of weird and opportunities to WIN FREE SEEDS, then check us out on Facebook here.

The offer is available until April 14th, so get 'em while they're hot!

All the best!

Single Marijuana Seeds Canada

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Paradise Seeds…

posted 11 Jan 2013 |

Auto Acid is an autoflowering Diesel hybrid created by selecting and back crossing over several generations.

A vigorous plant that stretches a little, which means she seems to get taller than most autoflowering varieties. After the third week Auto Acid is forming mainly large spirally and dense buds that are abundant with trichomes, it is a pleasant sticky & aromatic weed. The flavors and bouquet is quite sour and intense for an autoflowering variety.

To view Paradise Seeds full strain range, please click here.

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Auto pineapplegum from Black Skull Seeds

posted 10 Jan 2013 |

By crossing Skull Ryder with pineapplegum has given you one of the best strains from Black Skull Seeds - Auto pineapplegum.

Their aim was to increase the crystal production within their range of autos and pineapplegum added the necessary genetic traits. Many selections and refinements were made to find the fruitiest, most resinous plants and ensure 100% autoflowering. She may take a little longer than the original lowryder strain but the reward is a very sweet smelling plant that oozes with resin and glitters with THC crystals. It does not have the highest THC % but good levels of CBD make this a great strain for medical marijuana patients.

To view Black Skull Seeds full strain range, please click here

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Mendo Grape Kush

posted 09 Jan 2013 |

This cross is one of the biggest yielders we have ever seen.

Branches will need support from the large dense buds produced and good air flow is recommended to keep away any bud rot which is always a risk with heavy yielders. Guaranteed to produce an incredible amount of trichomes, this will not only be pleasing to the eye but will make this Kush highly recommended for hash making.

The high gives your mind a clean and clear feeling leaving it possible to get creative and active whilst medicated and leaves your body feeling calm and relaxed.

For further information on all strains from Ultra Genetics Seeds, please click here

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Quick Fruit Automatic…

posted 08 Jan 2013 |

Quick Fruit Automatic is an autoflowering variety characterized by her high yield and sweet taste and scent.

Quick Fruit will become slightly larger than the average autoflowering cannabis variety, especially when you place the Quick Fruit outside in a large pot or in the ground where she could grow up to be a plant of over one meter with a very large main cola and many side branches growing big buds. She looks like a beautiful indica/sativa hybrid with thick leaves and an open structure.

It will taste very sweet and fruity and she is soft on the lungs when inhaling. The effect of the Quick Fruit is well balanced with a relaxed high, yet intense with a light body buzz.

To view AC Genetics full strain range, please click here.

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Durban Poison from Dutch Passion Seeds

posted 07 Jan 2013 |

This classic strain from Dutch Passion Seeds was originally imported from South Africa where it had been produced in Holland. An exclusively inbred strain that has never been hybridised, confirming once and for all that it is 100% sativa.

She will produce long flowing leaves that are full of buds, which are packed full with lots of resin. A sweet liquorice taste will create an "Up" high similar to Thai. Guaranteed to produce high yields, this strain is well suited for crossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering. Durban Poison has been a very popular variety for years and we can now see why.

To view all of Dutch Passion Seeds, please click here

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