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Single Marijuana Seeds Canada

Established in 2007, we were the first to bring the single marijuana seed concept to Canada. With a staggering range of over 3,700 marijuana seeds selected from over 180 of the world finest producers we are sure to have what you’re looking for.

Over the past 7 years we have built a reputation for exceptional customer service and prompt, discreet shipping. We would encourage you to research the forums and choose your supplier carefully before purchasing cannabis seeds.

All the cannabis seeds on our site are available as single seeds and full packets. We only stock the finest marijuana seeds and take deliveries daily. Our seeds are stored in refrigerators at optimum temperatures and conditions to keep them fresh.
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We sell single seeds, as well as full packs. There is no extra charge for splitting packs into single seeds. If a pack of ten marijuana seeds cost $20 then you can buy 1 seed for $2. It’s as simple as that.

Individual marijuana seeds are packaged separately so you know which is which. With single marijuana seeds we will supply an equal portion of the original packaging. For example if you order 7 Super Lemon Haze seeds from Green House and 5 Tangerine Dream seeds from Barneys Farm we will send you 70% of the Super Lemon Haze packaging and half of the Tangerine Dream packaging.