Reggae Seeds


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Reggae Seeds have crossed two familiar genetics to produce a strain which has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. This cross includes Dancehall #24, which after analysis resulted in it having a 1:1 ratio. It also includes Kalijah, which is the CBD carrier for all of Reggae Seeds regular strains.

As they were also waiting to create a more stable cross, the result ended up being a small, robust plant which doesn't really a huge amount of nutrients, its easy to cultivate & a large number of individuals with high percentages of CBD, big buds, with beautiful long, fox-tailed buds in the form of columns. Its aroma is of acidic strawberry's and exotic fruits, which will never stop surprising. It has a clear and energetic effect perfect for medicinal use due to lack of narcotic effect (always consult a health profesional). It has fast flowering indoors, taking around 45/55 days, and harvesting at the start of October outdoors.

Genetics: Dancehall #24 x Kalijah
Type: Poly-hybrid
Indoor Flowering: 45/55 days
Outdoor Flowering: Start of October
Yield: Medium

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